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Privacy Policy for Users

Gruppo x di x gruppo s.r.l. r&d with registered office in: Via delle industrie 25-8 30175 Venezia VAT No. 02273360277 (hereinafter, the “Owner”), owner of the website (hereinafter, the “Site”), as the owner of the processing of personal data of users who navigate and are registered on the Site (hereinafter, the “Users”) hereby provides the privacy policy statement pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter, the “Regulation” or “Applicable Legislation”).

This Site and any services offered through the Site are reserved for individuals who have reached the age of eighteen years. The Owner does not collect personal data relating to persons under the age of 18. At the request of users, the owner will promptly delete all personal data collected unintentionally and relating to persons under the age of 18.

The owner takes into the utmost consideration the right to privacy and protection of personal data of its users. For any information in relation to this privacy policy, users can contact the owner at any time, using the methods described in paragraph 4.

1) Purposes of the treatment

Users’ personal data will be lawfully processed by the Data Controller in accordance with art. 6 of the Regulations for the following purposes

Site navigation, in relation to the possibility of detecting technically necessary User data, such as IP address, while browsing the site.

Responding to your requests for information and newsletters, received by us through the appropriate form on the Site.

Legal obligations, i.e. to fulfill obligations required by law, an authority, a regulation or European legislation.

The provision of personal data for the purposes of processing indicated above is optional but necessary, since failure to provide such data will make it impossible for the User to navigate on the Site, subscribe to the Site and use the services offered by the Owner on the Site.

With reference to the purposes referred to in points 1/a and 1/b, 1/d, the legal basis of the processing is in fact the execution of the services provided through the Site and requested by you (pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, lett. b of Privacy Regulation 2016/679); with reference to the purposes referred to in point 1/c of the previous paragraph, the legal basis of the processing is to fulfill a legal obligation to which the Data Controller is subject (pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, lett. c of Privacy Regulation 2016/679).

2) Modalities of processing and data retention times

The Data Controller will process the personal data of the Users by means of manual and computerized tools, with logic strictly related to the purposes themselves and, in any case, in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of such data.

The personal data of the Users of the Website will be kept for the time strictly necessary to carry out the purposes illustrated in paragraph 1 above, or in any case according to what is necessary for the protection of the interests of both the Users and the Owner in civil law.

3) Scope of communication and dissemination of data

The personal data of users may be disclosed to employees and/or collaborators of the owner responsible for managing the site. These subjects, who are formally appointed by the Owner as “data processors”, will process the User’s data exclusively for the purposes indicated in this statement and in accordance with the provisions of the Applicable Regulations.

Users’ personal data may also be disclosed to third parties who may process personal data on behalf of the Data Controller in their capacity as “External Data Processors”, such as, for example, suppliers of IT and logistical services functional to the operation of the Site, suppliers of outsourcing or cloud computing services, professionals and consultants. The data may also be communicated to the Financial Administration and/or other public authorities where this is required by law or at their request.

Users have the right to obtain a list of any data processors appointed by the Data Controller, by making a request to the Data Controller in the manner indicated in the following paragraph.

4) Rights of the interested parties

Users may exercise the rights guaranteed to them by the Applicable Legislation by contacting the Data Controller in the following ways:

By sending a registered letter with return receipt to the registered office of the Data Controller

By sending an e-mail message to;

Pursuant to the Applicable Legislation, users may exercise their rights under Art. 15 and following of the Regulation, in the manner provided for in Art. 12 thereof.

If you believe that the processing of your personal data is in violation of the Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (in the Member State in which you have your habitual residence, in the Member State in which you work or in the Member State in which the alleged violation occurred). The Italian supervisory authority is the Guarantor for the protection of personal data – –

Information on cookies
The website of Papermorphosis┬«, owner of the processing of your personal data pursuant to art. 4 letter f) of EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), refers you to this Cookie Policy page. In relation to the aforementioned treatments, the Owner provides the following information, additional to the Privacy Policy of the website. The various types of Cookies and technologies used on the website of B+B International are described here, in light of the provisions of the Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of May 2014, “Identification of the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies – May 8, 2014 (Published in the Official Gazette No. 126 of June 3, 2014)” available at the web address, to describe how to configure and the conditions of use of the same.


Cookies are small text files that sites visited send to the navigation device used by the user (usually a browser). They are stored in the corresponding folder of the browser while the user is intent on visiting a website, and are then transmitted to the same sites on subsequent visits.

They are used in order to improve navigation, save user preferences already entered (username, password and the like), track the tastes and preferences of the user, allowing you to manage targeted marketing initiatives or the provision of services related to the activities of the Owner as newsletters, service announcements on the site, etc..
If limitations are placed on their use, these will affect the usability of the site content during consultation. It is always possible for the user to block them in advance or remove them from the browser cache, but such actions may cause an incomplete fruition of the services offered by the web application.


Session cookies are temporary files that exist only for the duration of the user’s browsing session. When the browser is closed, session cookies expire.
They are typically used to identify users when they access a site, to remember the user and their preferences as they move between site pages, to provide them with specific information previously collected.

Persistent cookies are files that remain active even after the browser is closed and help sites remember user data and settings for later reference. This allows for faster and more time-efficient access since there is no need to log in again.

Technical cookies
Some cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website. Without them, you would not be able to navigate around it and use some of its functions. These cookies are “technical”, i.e. session or permanent, and allow us to remember the information you have provided from one page to another in the booking process. As these cookies are essential, if you disable them your enjoyment of the site’s content may be compromised and may be impossible or severely limited.

Profiling cookies

These are cookies that make it possible to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the web; the user’s consent is required for the use of these cookies.

COOKIES on the site

In line with the standard practices of many websites, the website may install Cookies on the computer used by the user. By using the site, the user accepts the use of the technologies they use, but is also allowed to block or delete (in whole or in part) the cookies received.

While browsing the Owner’s site you may also receive third party cookies, i.e. cookies coming from third party sites or servers different and therefore different from those of Gruppo x srl, in particular:

Google Analytics: is a service offered by Google Inc. that generates detailed statistics on website traffic and traffic sources. It is the most widely used statistics service. Google Analytics can monitor visitors coming from all external links to the site, including search engines

This is the most widely used statistics service. Google Analytics can track visitors from all external links to the site, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referral sites. It also displays advertising, pay per click, email marketing, as well as links within PDF documents. To access the relevant policy: .

Installing/uninstalling cookies. Browser options

The user can object to the recording of cookies on his device by configuring the browser used for navigation: if he uses the Site without changing the browser settings, it is assumed that he intends to receive all the cookies used by the Site and enjoy all the features.

Please note that the user can prevent the use of some or all of the cookies described above by configuring the browser used for navigation, following the specific instructions:

– Disable FIREFOX cookies:
– Disable CHROME cookies:
– Disable INTERNET EXPLORER cookies:
– Disable SAFARI cookies: